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Saturday, March 8, 2008

fish gross me out..

setting: sunny day at the beach in cuba. liz and the wife are sunbathing
liz: (concerned.. somewhat perplexed look on her face) what color is j's flippers?
wife: blue.
liz: (slight pause) oh.

what she sees: waaaay off in the distance someone with blue flippers kind of eratically swimming..kind of frantically flapping around in the water..

what is happening: i'm snorkling and a small school of little fish are following me. i brush it off as strange and change direction. they change direction with me. i decide not to panic,.. that it's just coincidence and change direction again. the school continues to follow me.. they are getting closer. i decide to play it cool. small fish. meh. no biggie. one nibbles my finger (i later find out ppl feed the fish and i guess they were looking for food). i decide to try to keep my calm and try to physically shoo the fish away (ever try shooing anything away underwater? it doesn't work) this is where liz sees me. flapping about trying to 'shoo' the fish away. one nibbles my finger again. i FREAK. i swim full tilt back to shore ..which is a long way away. but i swim the fastest i've ever swam for the longest i ever swam. the fish are still following me (they're fast little buggers) and when i get to water that's shallow enough i get up and run knees up all the way to shore.


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