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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I wasn't a youtuber until recently.. re:"arby'n'the chief"♦

i was never really into youtube. the occasional video i was coaxed into watching was fun but a lot of it i could live without.. especially those annoying emails from people who ask you to watch something that turn out to be no fun to watch at all. well, thanks to the iphone i started to surf youtube (there's only so many times you can 'wow' yourself with a minature version of google maps) and i became one of those people (except i don't spam.. i do it in my blog ;)

well i found something the other day that i thought was pretty fun to watch. so far the only 'webisodic' type show i found that was worth watching more than one of. i subsequently found out that i'm not the only person who seems to like the show (re: a lot of fans).

welcome to arby'n'the chief:
disclaimer: it would greatly increase your chances of liking this 'show' if you are into video games,.. and video game culture.

come to think of it, if you like video games,.. more specifically RPG's (role playing games),.. more specifically MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games),.. specifically WOW (world of warcraft) then .. well,.. then you've probably seen this,.. but it's so funny it's worth another look (Make Love, Not Warcraft):
disclaimer: it would greatly increase your chances of liking this 'show' if you were a fan of south park, world of warcraft or both.


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