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Saturday, April 26, 2008

NBA Playoffs,.. excitement! action! ..romance?

After the Houston Rockets beat their franchise record with a 22 game winning streak in the regular season they hit a wall during the playoffs with a 0-2 record against the Utah Jazz. During the closing seconds of pivotal game 3 Carl Landry's monumental block of Deron Willams' layup guaranteed the win for the Rockets. An overjoyed Rafer Alston was so grateful that he gave Landry a kiss.

Not that weird I say, but perhaps the exact style and delivery of kiss was perhaps .. ... at odds.. to this specific enviornment. As duly noted by Landry's expression... as well as the inevitable backlash poor Alston will receive....

(the action starts at exactly 1 minute in)
"That was nasty" -Tracy McGrady

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