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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

iPhone in Canada... and the power to the people..

So they finally announced the iPhone 3G in Canada (along with a whole WHACK of other countries) but our pricing plans for data is waaaaay behind what seems to be everyone else in the world.

Even though the prices for the iPhone plans from Rogers (the exclusive carrier for iPhone) were a step in the right direction (believe it or not, just a while ago that type of useage would've cost in to the thousands) it was still way overpriced compared to other parts of the world.

And in an uproar the Canadian people stood up for what was important to them.. affordable cellular data plans! In the course of a few weeks over 50,000! people signed a petition at ruinediPhone.com and started getting media attention from all over the webverse and beyond. But really, do petitions actually make things happen? Especially too Ego centric money hungry media pioneers like Ted Rogers?

Well, today on the front page of the digital The Star,.... voila! ...amazing...

(chanting) ..power to the people.. ..power to the people.. ..power to the people..

I was going to forgo the idea of getting an iPhone in favor for a UMPC (i got the hots for the OQO) and a free promo phone.. but now perhaps iPhone I am bound...


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