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Thursday, September 4, 2008

like all things google.. this looks promising..

let's see... take the established stuff, include the current cooler ideas, then tweak all that to make it better... and,.. what the heck, throw in some new thinking productivity features just to stir it up a bit and voila!

introducting a new face to an anemic web app enviornment: google CHROME

perhaps not entirely re-made but worth a mention since it really is a good browser when you start utilizing the plug-in system: Firefox 3

of course, if you really like micro$oft .. they of course are working on their killer app killer with Windows Explorer 8

and even though i personally don't like it.. 8% of the web population can't be wrong (or can they?). One thing i can tell you is the last time i was infected with some sort of malware the only browser that actually worked uneffected was Apple's Safari, now in 3.1.2 guise

and finally, .. might as well give a shout out to the last of the 'mainstream' browsers (i actually use the Opera browser on my wii from time to time): Opera 9.5

brought to you by the self-professed google cheeleader (men can be cheerleaders too you know)


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