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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rock Community Church's Video Slidshows (so far..)

These are some (for a lack of a better description) 'video slideshows' I've done for my church. They play just before service starts while people are entering the chapel and settling in.

This is the original one. It was designed to loop and therefore relied on a music playlist seperate from the video. I didn't really have any solid idea on what I was going to do except I was asked to make a slideshow with some pictures and bible verses. I thought it might be more interesting to use video. But finding appropriate video in subject matter and in length while being essentially free and of good quality was hard to come by.

"original video slideshow"

I was asked to continue making these on a more regular basis. My original suggested goal was 1 new one for every 2 weeks. I can hardly manage 1 per month. The time commitment has been a lot larger than I originally guessed. I started using what ever the current season was as a recurring theme. I also decided that making a linear 'story' would be more interesting to watch.. and to create and therefore also added a dedicated score.

"drive (part I)"

"drive (part II)"


"christmas 07"


This last one's concept was motivated by a sermon our preacher recently did. I believe (and this is only a slightly educated guess) at least in part that sermon was inspired by the video The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken and images such as these truly amazing pictures. As with that video I also had a lot of help by using pieces of clips from NASA produced imagery. (btw, the sermon was excellent as usual)


These have been very fun to do.. as well as benefiting me spiritually on many different levels. hopefully there will be many more to come....


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