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Friday, February 15, 2008

Get out.

Unlike Tobias, Natalie likes her sleep.
At the best of times she gets all comfy under the blanket with a big smile and goes right to bed. No whining.. no complaining.. no problem.

She also takes her sleep relatively seriously.

The other night mom just put her to bed and I didn't get to say my usual 'good night' so I quietly opened the door to her room. There she was, eyes closed and snug as a bug. Smile and all, awaiting sleep to fall over her like some warm blanket.

I quietly walked over to the side of her bed. She opened her eyes just long enough to give me a smile. I reached over and held her hand.. thinking that this would comfort her.. help her go to sleep.. as it would with her older brother. I hadn't seen her much that day and I didn't mind taking the few minutes to stand in the dark to quietly bond with my daughter as she drifted off to dreamland.

A short pause of calmness passed when she opened her eyes again, still smiling as she turned her head and in a small voice whispered to me, "get out." She then closed her eyes again, laid her head down in the pillow while still smiling .. eagerly awaiting mr.sandman's arrival.

I quickly and quietly excused myself as I was apparently in mr.sandman's way.

with great grandma after a great night of sleep

if you're interested: 'Get out' part 2


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