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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's not IF you're going to get a minivan.. it's WHEN..

I used to dislike minivans... well,.. i guess not dislike.. but dismissed. I didn't really think about them at all. When I thought of automobiles I'd like to own it really wasn't an option.

Born out of necessity I now have a minivan... and surprisingly I really like it. It's quite the cool mode of transportation. Don't get me wrong, I still love all those other faster more sleek, stylish cars, I just have a new found appreciation for the minivan. Like I was told once by a colleague of mine, 'If you have kids it's not if you're going to buy a minivan but when.'

It's rather funny seeing the parking lot of my son's school. I'd say conservatively it's 90+% minivans/suv's/wagons. And out of that I'd say about 75% are minivans.

I thought this commercial was rather funny. There are a lot of glanced over gems of truth in this ad:

But I guess it really can't be a true manvan.. we all know that it's just a way of saving face in the bold reality that minivans are a sign of a man's age,.. his placement in life.. having a family... Which is all good of course, but truly if it were a manvan it would be more like this:

I feel for the jolly rancher guy. ....frickin kids...

And since our minivans ..., excuse me,.. our manvans are never really going to be like that:
(chanting) maan-van, maan-van, maan-van ...


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