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Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm not a geek! ...I'm a level 14 Paladin.

About a year ago there were some photos of a very high-tech keyboard that floated through the net. A russian design studio created a mock up of this keyboard where all the symbols on the keys were customizable. how? ..each key was its very own miniture LCD screen. Well, it's finally made and for SALE on a site that i think is a lot of fun (thinkgeek).

Here's a link to the design house Lebedev Studio that created the product and their newest keyboard concept (click around. there's a lot of cool,.. geeky stuff).

This is however not typical fare for thinkgeek as they usually deal with lower costing geeky knick knacks, but it is for sure right up their alley in terms of product type.

If you like small gadgets, funny shirts, useless toys and ESPECIALLY if you're a geek then browse away 'cause this site has all of that stuff plus more!

A short(ish) list of the more... ahem.. geeky things that i particularly favor:
RPG gamer's shirt :::: comp sci/math shirt :::: coder's shirt :::: for star-crossed geeks :::: science shirt :::: sound track shirt :::: mana (yes, you read right, ..mana) :::: customizable straws :::: laser tag with toy tanks :::: this gadget could be actually useful ...this too :::: dueling mini helicopters :::: annoy-a-tron sun/moon jar lights :::: if you're a geek.. chances are you could be a trekkie too :::: how about caffeinated soap? ...or gum? :::: tired of sleeping in? (get it?.. tired? .. sleeping in?.. i kill myself) :::: usb drink cooler :::: retro bluetooth handset :::: R2-D2 trashcan :::: yoda backpack :::: binary clock :::: virtual guitar :::: usb drum kit :::: personal a/c

If you didn't know I was a geek before .. well,.. let's just say... [geek] simply j. [/geek]

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