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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sleeping arrangements.. or the lack thereof.. & a bed fit for a king..

The sleeping situation at my house is really messed up. For whatever reason,... coughmomcough .. our kids like to be with us when they sleep. whether that be in our bed or theirs. I know, i know, .. a lot of people go through this as well. Dang, some people like and decide to sleep with their kids. That's all fine and dandy,.. but maybe someone could of gave us a small clue when we bought a queen size bed a few years back.

I took this photo almost exactly 2 years ago. I woke up and found myself on the last foot or so at the edge of my bed. And even though it was in the wee hours of the morning it was just too ludicrous for me not to take a photo.
.. they didn't start the night in our bed ..

Fast forward 2 years and you'd think these were all just joyous fleeting memories of now-funny looong-night tired adventures. Alas,.. only if...

The other night I woke up in Tobias' twin bed, I found Tobias asleep in our queen bed and mom and Natalie were sleeping in Natalie's twin bed.

I would've been confused, miserable and just a bit ticked.. if i weren't so tired. So instead I just shook my head and laughed. ... which by the way, turned slowly into sobbing...


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