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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Stylings of Tobias: Evolution of Dance (..and why it doesn't include a tutu)

I'm sure it's the same with most children,.. they like to dance. It's a very fundamental human expression. And as with most children, Tobias showed his interest early. But unlike most kids there wasn't just a repetitive sequence of bounces, waves and claps. Tobias had a much more.. unique style.

Near the end of the following compilation of classic videos Tobias shows some very interesting hand acrobatics that has me in awe even today...

I know he's my son.. but he's so darn cute I can't take it!

Well, fast forward 3 years and his dance style is as intricate as ever. This free expression of movement has naturally evolved into a very complex mix of syncopation and pattern that materializes as an unexpected yet beautiful composition of physical motion. It conjures images of dance choreographed by Mia Michaels (made famous on the show So You Think You Can Dance)


Natalie recently also has shown interest in dance. Her obvious early aptitude for balance and rhythm always pointed to something such as ballet (..or acrobatics?) which she starts training in next week. I'm sure we have a recital to go to in our near future to watch our little swan or bumblebee or what have you, dance away on stage with a big smile and big tutu to match.

With Tobias' evident need of some sort of outlet for artistic expression do I think we have another dance student on our hands? .... Well,.... let's put it this way:

The other day when the topic of Natalie and ballet school came into the conversation

(very cheery mood as usual. raising eyebrows while asking the question)

Daddy, did you know boys dance ballet too?

(matter of factly. nodding head)

ya, i knew that.

(eyebrows still raised)

Do you think that's funny?

(not missing a beat .. trying to sound nonchalant but perhaps thinking otherwise)


(still smiling)

I think it's funny.

Dad's all smiles... funny kid. Dad doesn't let it show that he's somewhat relieved. Politically incorrect perhaps,.. but relieved none the less.


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