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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When you go to the Eye Doctor .. you want to try and keep your eyes open.

We took the kids to the eye doctor the for the first time a few months ago. The thing is that they are both at that age where they don't necessarily need a nap .. but if they get the opportunity to...
So any time we go anywhere in the car between the time of... let's say noon and 5pm they will probably fall asleep.

Of course, we get to the well planned ahead Optometrist appointment and they are both fast asleep. ..and as i've mentioned before.. they can sleep through almost anything.

After my wife and I have our appointments the Optometrist decides Natalie is too young anyway to have a checkup. But I'm determined not to have wasted this trip and get Tobias up... which was very hard... but finally he's awake.. if only partially.

Tobias is groggy but we manage to get into the chair and start to go through the eye chart. Some letters he gets bang on and some completely, utterly wrong. To make things worse my confidence level on how well he knows the alphabet is questionable. Tobias is obviously groggy.. and because of the very erratic, almost random answers the eye exam is pretty much incomplete.

I didn't really factor in his alertness level until later when the wife overheared him talking to his cousin:
"I went to the eye doctor today but he couldn't do his tests because I was awake but my brain was still sleeping"

ohhhhh.. funny


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