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Saturday, May 17, 2008

These Shoes Were Made For Walking ...

If I drove this, couldn't that be considered running? .. maybe? .. ... a little...?

I'm in my 4% phase..

I spend 80% of my life eating, playing, working, loving, crying, laughing and pooing... and that's pretty much it. 15% of the time I actually start thinking about exercising.. but it doesn't get much further then that. 4% of the time I actually start to exercise. The last 1% is dedicated towards those few times I've actually stuck with that type of self-improvement on a regular basis for a significant amount of time.

Well, I'm in my 4% phase. Just the basics: push-ups, chin-ups (i really didn't have to pluralize that last one), sit-ups (how come they all have to be 'ups',... why can't they ever be 'downs'? I'd imagine a 'down' would be so much easier then an 'up'.) and lastly... running. And it's last for a reason... I hate running.

Have you ever heard of 'runner's high'? Supposedly it's associated with a feeling of euphoria and energy after an extended period of running. Personally I've never had the pleasure. Mind you, I've had my share of long runs (1hr plus..) but I get something different. After an extended period of running I get what I call 'runner's sick'. It's associated with feeling sick, nauseous and achy... achy legs, achy neck, stomach, chest, back, head, ears... i think even my eyes ache a bit.

And like everything else that's good in the world, it's the hardest in the beginning. My only saving grace is that i've been running with Flower.

This is Flower. She's as sweet as the other type of 'flower'... just a LOT louder.

For now it's only a mile at a time .. and keeping Flower from pulling the leash while I'm running takes a lot of energy.. and patience. But it's well worth it, because it's that last 1/4 of a mile or so where that 'holding her back' slowly turns into 'pulling me forward'. And I would have no chance in finishing if it weren't for that.

Truly,.. I run on Flower Power. woof. woof.


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